The Personal Injury department of The Law Offices of Robert P. Santoriella, P.C., works tirelessly to represent victims of accidents in order to obtain the best possible results. Our personal injury team will fight to ensure that you receive the highest compensation, whether you sustained an injury that some might consider minor or have suffered a catastrophic loss.  Through almost 20 years of practice, we know that any injury can greatly impact your life, and you deserve the best quality representation. The firm’s experience, dedication, trustworthiness, and commitment to our clients are what compel our clients to refer their families and friends to the firm as well.  We represent victims of all types of accidents, including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent the victims of all types of auto, truck and motorcycle accident injuries in New York, including pedestrian knockdowns and hit and runs.  It is important to note that there are time-sensitive documents that must be filed with motor vehicle insurance companies to ensure that any medical treatment you receive is covered, especially in the first 30 days of an accident.  As such, please contact our personal injury team immediately to discuss your rights and responsibilities so that you may receive the maximum compensation for your motor vehicle injury.

Premises Liability

Any injury on property owned by someone else may be the basis of for legal action, including slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls on sidewalks and staircases, dog bites, negligent security, or any hazardous condition.

Nursing Home Negligence

Protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our population is something that our firm takes seriously.  Our team aggressively advocates on behalf of those who have suffered serious falls, bedsores, or other neglect-related issues that have caused harm to you or your loved ones.

Wrongful Death

When a personal injury results in a fatality, the survivors of the victim may have the right to pursue a wrongful death action against the negligent party.  Please be advised that the last date a loved one or family member may file a lawsuit in a wrongful death matter is shorter than an ordinary negligence claim. Therefore, it is important to contact our personal injury team without delay to discuss your rights to recovery on behalf of the deceased person.

Police Abuse

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert P. Santoriella, P.C., have successfully litigated many cases of police brutality for our clients. Our lawyers are prepared to hold individuals and the city accountable for acts of police misconduct, including issues of false arrest, excessive force, physical assault, and numerous other police misconduct.  However, as with any municipal department, in most cases you must file a Notice of Claim against the City of New York within 90 days of the incident.  As such, please contact us right away to discuss your case so that any deadlines for you to bring forth your case do not expire.

·       Filing Claims Against the City of New York

If you believe you have suffered  injury to your person  the best place to start is by calling the firm and speaking to Paul Sagiv, Esq. Important decisions related to your case can be complicated — including which laws apply to your situation, and who is responsible for any harm you suffered.  Mr. Sagiv will personally evaluate all aspects of your case and explain all options available to you, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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